Pulse Diagnostics & Surgicals was established in 2006 in Alappuzha. We are one of the leading distributors in South Kerala in the IVD segment for diagnostic equipment in biochemistry, hematology, immunoassay, microbiology, coagulation, and all other laboratory supporting systems. We also deal with the supply of reagents, lab equipment, rapid test cards, disposables, and glassware.


At Pulse Diagnostics, our vision is to establish ourselves as trailblazers in the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) sector, earning the unwavering trust of healthcare professionals across South India. We take pride in being a unique supplier of cutting-edge technology products, offering a diverse range of solutions from innovation to frontline labs.

Our mission is to bring high-quality in vitro diagnostics (IVD) facilities to both rural and urban regions of South India. By integrating excellence in distribution with our mission for improved healthcare outcomes, we endeavor to play a pivotal role in advancing the accessibility and efficiency of diagnostic services throughout South India. Welcome to a future where precision meets accessibility, and where our commitment to superior IVD solutions transforms healthcare possibilities for all.